Topic for any articles related to article localization (L10n) contribution.

How does support localization work?

Learn how localization (l10n) - making content understandable for native speakers of a given language - works in SUMO and what type of content is localized.

How to use "For" tags

Learn how to use “for” markup in Mozilla Support articles, to show content for different operating systems and product versions

How to make screenshots

How to create screenshots on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS devices and Android devices so that you can add the image to Knowledge Base articles.

Translating an article

Learn how to translate a full SUMO article from start to finish. Includes useful tips and important information.

SUMO Living Localization Guide

This document is meant for SUMO localizers. Use it to share your localizer knowledge and learn from others. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

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