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Have a Kindle and want to read your Pocket articles on it? You can download Pocket for Kindle Fire, or use one of several third-party options to send articles in Pocket to Kindle e-Readers.

Tip: In the market for a new e-reader? Pocket is built-in to Kobo e-readers! These devices connect to your Pocket account and sync your saved articles automatically, just like Pocket’s apps! Click here to learn more about Kobo.

Pocket for Kindle Fire

Pocket for Kindle Fire is compatible with the Kindle Fire 2nd Generation and above. You can use our Kindle Fire app to save, read, organize and share your saved items. This app can be used both online and offline. Click here to install Pocket for Kindle Fire.

How to Use Pocket for Kindle Fire

Pocket for Kindle Fire is the same app as Pocket for Android. Please refer to the following articles to learn more about how to use Pocket on Kindle Fire:

Kindle e-Readers

To read your Pocket articles on Kindle models other than Kindle Fire, there are third-party services that make this possible. Please note that the following services are not created or maintained by Pocket, so we recommend reaching out to them if you have any questions.

Pocket 2 Kindle (P2K)

Pocket 2 Kindle is a service that sends your Pocket list to your Kindle. You can customize P2K to deliver your newest and oldest items, or try a random assortment of saved items for fun. Click here to visit Pocket 2 Kindle. If you have questions or need support for Pocket 2 Kindle, please click here to contact the developer.


Calibre is an open-source ebook management app that can load Pocket articles onto Kindle and other E-Reader devices. Click here to visit Calibre. If you have questions or need support for Calibre, please click here to visit Calibre Support.

Common Questions

I use a third-party service and I notice that many of my articles are unexpectedly appearing in my Archive. What should I do?

The services mentioned above include the option to Archive articles automatically after they’re sent to Kindle. We recommend checking the service’s settings to be sure that it’s configured the way you want.

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