Getting started with Pocket for Android

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Getting Started with Pocket for Android 1

Installing Pocket on Android

Pocket is a free app and is easy to install. Follow this link to view Pocket on the Google Play Store.

Viewing saved items saved to your Pocket

Working with your Saves

Switch between Saves and Archive at the top of the screen. Tap the overflow button (three vertical dots) on any item to open it and access the following actions: tag, mark as viewed or not viewed, archive or delete.

Getting Started with Pocket for Android 2

Opening Saved Items

When you open items in Pocket, they will open in Article View or View Original. Article View is Pocket’s signature reading mode, which strips out ads, sidebars, and other distracting content so you can read comfortably. You can also adjust your reading background and font, and even highlight passages that you want to remember. View Original allows you to open items and see them in their original format, as they appear if you opened them in a web browser. Click here to learn more about Article View and View Original.

What’s in the menu?

Swipe across the menu at the top of the screen (below Saves and Archive) to access:

  • Search - search your List or Archive for items you've saved.
  • Listen - have your saved article read out loud. Click here to learn more about listen.
  • Favorites - You can mark any important item as a Favorite. The favorites list includes items from both your List and Archive. You can view your Favorites when you’re online.
  • Bulk Edit - make changes to multiple items in your List at once.
  • Tagged items - Tags make a great way to organize items in Pocket. Selecting a tag from the Tags menu will filter your List to only show items with that particular Tag. Click here to learn more about using Tags.

Tap Filter to re-sort and view the following items in your Saves or Archive: Getting Started with Pocket for Android 3

  • Sort by items viewed or not viewed.
  • See newest and oldest saved items.
  • See the shortest or longest items first.

Searching Your Saves

Getting Started with Pocket for Android 4

Tap the Search button to search for items you’ve saved in Pocket. All users can search for saved pages by their title and URL.

Pocket Premium subscribers have access to a host of additional searching options, including the ability to search through article text, access to advanced search operators, and searching by Tag, Author, Keyword and more. Click here to learn more about the advanced search options with Pocket Premium.

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