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Saved Items in Pocket for Android 1

This article explains how to read and view your saved items in Pocket on your Android phone or tablet, and how to adjust your viewing preferences. To view your list of saves in Pocket on your Android device, just open Pocket and log in to your account. Then, just tap an item to view it.

Viewing an Item

Article and View Original

When you open an item, Pocket will choose the best way to display that item’s content. There are two possible views: Article View and View Original. Articles, news stories, blog posts, and most text-based pages will be shown in Article View, which optimizes text and images for your screen. This distraction-free, easy-to-read format is designed to deliver the best reading and viewing experience, with all unnecessary information left out. Pocket will use Article View whenever possible. In View Original, Pocket displays the page just as it would appear in its original form, in a separate tab. It’s the same as opening the page in a web browser. When opening videos in Pocket, you’ll be presented with a simple video player.

Choosing a View

To control which view Pocket uses by default, go to Settings and turn on Always open original website and Pocket will never open articles in Article View. To control which view Pocket uses by default, go to Settings and turn off the Download Best View option. This will reveal additional options: Always Fetch Article View and Always Fetch View Original.

Item Actions

The toolbar at the top of Article View includes the following actions:

  • Archive: Move the item to your Archive
  • Listen (tts): listen to the article using text-to-speech
  • Share: Share the item outside of Pocket to your email and more
Saved Items in Pocket for Android 2

The overflow menu shows the following additional actions:

  • Text Settings: Change the background color, font, margin and line height

Switch to Article View/View Original: Toggle between Article View and View Original (see the item as it appears in a web browser)

  • Refresh: Reload the page
  • Find in Page: Search the article text
  • Favorite: Add the item to your Favorites (note: the item will remain in your Saves or Archive)
  • Add Tags: Add Tags to categorize this item
  • Highlights: See highlighted excerpts in this article at a glance
  • Mark the item as Viewed or Not Viewed
  • Delete: Permanently delete this item from your account
  • Report Article Problem: Tell us about an issue viewing this link in Article View
Saved Items in Pocket for Android 3

Customizing Article View

Using Display Settings, you can customize Article View to create your ideal reading experience. Tap the overflow menu, then tap Display Settings. Here, you can control font style, text size, reading theme, and screen brightness.

Reading Features

Auto Fullscreen reading mode

When you scroll down, Auto Fullscreen activates to create a distraction-free reading experience. Your device’s notification bar will be temporarily hidden. To exit Fullscreen mode, scroll up or tap once in the center of the screen. If you would prefer that Pocket not automatically enter Fullscreen Mode, you can disable it in Settings.

Justify Text

The default layout of text in Article View is justified, where text is aligned to both sides of the screen. If you prefer that text be aligned only to the left, you can disable Justified Text in Settings.

Reading Themes

You can choose among Light and Dark themes for Pocket. This will change the background of all items in Article View. The Dark Theme can also be enabled in Settings, and will extend throughout Pocket for Android, including your Saves and Settings.

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