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Mozilla is a unique organization in the global tech scene. Unlike other big tech, Mozilla Corporation is owned by Mozilla Foundation.

Introduction to Mozilla

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. An Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.

At Mozilla, we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. We believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future.

Mozilla manifesto

The Mozilla project uses a community-based approach to create world-class open source software and to develop new types of collaborative activities. We create communities of people involved in making the internet experience better for all of us.

As a result of these efforts, we have distilled a set of principles that we believe are critical for the internet to continue to benefit the public good as well as commercial aspects of life.

To learn more about our manifesto, please see:

Our history

The Mozilla project was created in 1998 with the release of the Netscape browser suite source code. It was intended to harness the creative power of thousands of programmers on the internet and fuel unprecedented levels of innovation in the browser market. Within the first year, new community members from around the world had already contributed new functionality, enhanced existing features and became engaged in the management and planning of the project itself.

For more information about Mozilla's history, see:


Our leadership team is made up of both paid staff and volunteers with expertise building products and empowering communities that further our non-profit mission.

For more information about Mozilla's leadership, see:

Mozilla Privacy Policy

Learn more about Mozilla Privacy Policy.

Firefox Privacy Notice

Learn more about Firefox Privacy Notice.

Community Participation Guideline

Learn more about our Community Participation Guideline. As a contributor, we also highly recommend you to take this short training.

Lean data practices

Learn more about our Lean data practices.

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