Disable email forwarding - Stop receiving emails sent through your masks

This article shows you how to block email forwarding so that you don’t receive emails from your masks in your real inbox. If you want to filter out spam and only get important emails, you can subscribe to Firefox Relay Premium.

Block email forwarding to your inbox

  1. Click the Firefox Relay icon relayIcon on the toolbar and then click Manage all masks at the bottom of the panel.
  2. Find the mask you want to temporarily deactivate.
  3. Click the downward arrow to expand the options for that mask.
  4. Under "What emails do you want to block?" move the slider from None to All to block all emails sent to this mask.
    Emails do you want to block

To receive forwarded emails from this mask again, just move the slider from All to None.

Delete an email mask

With a free subscription you can create up to 5 masks and reuse whenever you need them. You can also permanently delete a mask if you no longer want to use it. Your can read the article How to delete an email mask to learn more about mask deletion.

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