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google toolbar does not work with firefox 5.0. why not!

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google toolbar does not work and will not download to firefox 5.0.

Moderator edit - 07-23-2011
The Google Toolbar "will not be supported on Firefox 5 and future versions."

google toolbar does not work and will not download to firefox 5.0. '''Moderator edit - 07-23-2011''' <br /> The Google Toolbar "will not be supported on Firefox 5 and future versions." <br />

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Chosen solution

The GTB 7.1.20110512W version works in Firefox 5.0 by using the Compatibility Reporter extension, I tried it myself due to the large number of postings about the GTB this morning.

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Edmeiseter... THANX A MILLION!! 2 second fix.!!

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Using the Compatibility Reporter addon to enable the Google Toolbar and test its compatibility is correct. The Google Toolbar has been compatible all along but that rdf modification that was suggested is confusing and too advanced for most users and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for everyone. I'm no beginner but I wouldn't mess with it and the Compatibility Reporter works in a simpler, safer way so it's not necessary. The only feature that doesn't work anymore is the New Tab page which used to show up to nine most frequented sites, but now just shows three empty boxes and the History and Customizing buttons. But this was retired on Internet Explorer, so I don't think it's a compatibility issue at all. Google is probably planning something else for that page.

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Thanks, your solution worked perfectly for me. Congratulations for the easy-fix!

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Compatibility Reporter extension causes Firefox 5.01 to crash on my machine and refuses to start - I then have to uninstall and reinstall. Thinking of moving over to Chrome!

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The add-on crashing Firefox is a separate problem, obriously it should not happen, but I have not noticed its use ever crash any of my firefox installations, may I suggest that you start a new thread about your problem.

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I'm so ignorant I don't even know if I have the problem described - but I do wish to show my appreciation for an UNDERSTANDABLE fix. Thank you for having the near unique combination of (a) knowing your subject and (b) actually being able to communicate it clearly! (Addressed to a.joom)

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Installing the Addon Compatibility Extension just helps in the short term and gives you time to work alternatives.

The Google Toolbar is no longer supported by Google in Firefox 5 and up, you may be able to get what you want from it for a limited time, the directions to install the Google Toolbar were posted before Google actually announced dropping support.

In any case you can find several alternative solutions, and you can start working on them now, see

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You don't need to be a computer specialist to do this. You just have to be a little patient and go through all the files. Follow the directions and you WILL see your Google toolbar as I have seen mine again!

Toolbar, I missed you! lol

Ajoom, thank you so much for this!

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Worked! How I've missed Google Toolbar! Thanks a.joom :)

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As the install.rdf modification is so easy to accomplish, why the heck is it so difficult for Google to do the same? Come on guys, you don't seriously think we would prefer a dozen extra add-ons when just one could do? You write to them voicing your objections to its discontinuance and all you get is the same old potted reply.

Google, do you listen to people? Your support is sadly lacking.

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The entire Google Toolbar doesn't work properly in Firefox 5.0 with either the install.rdf mod or by using the Addon Compatibility Reporter extension. Page Rank doesn't work, and I believe a few users have said that "auto fill" doesn't work correctly either. If this was a simple as "bumping" the maxVersion, I'm sure Google would have done it a couple of months ago.

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When I go to C:/users/<my name>/ vista I cannot see /appdata can someone shed some light


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Awesome!!! it's nice work for me, thank you very much.

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Can't LOG IN. NEED the REAL GTB link. I have a NEW problem. Toolbar is there, enabled, and I have the compatibility add-on active. I've also changed the RDF file to support next week's version, 8.999 :). But, my problem is, somehow my GTB toolbar [July build] won't allow me to log in. I know this is a specific problem only on this computer, since it DOES STILL WORK on other computers I have, also running the latest V7.02 of FFox and the 7.x July GTB. ---

SO, my proposed solution was to just REINSTALL the toolbar. Guess what?? It still KNOWS that I have an "incompatible version of FFox", and won't let me download it. (Thank you Google for preventing HAVOC with my machine!!! :(( )

Could someone that is running an EARLY version of FFOX just hit the download GTB and give me a LINK to the real download??

I'd rather have the link, while I assume I can find a machine that is not yet running FFox, put an old version on it, download it,then go find the MSI file, or whatever they are using for the installer, and SAVE IT somewhere safe.

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Google broke their Google Toolbar extension around 09-17-2011, by changing the login address for their "accounts". If you want to continue using the Google Toolbar, you will need to edit the address to the new one, because I doubt if Google is going to fix that extension - they have decided not to support Firefox 5+ versions with a new version of the Google Toolbar.

  • With Firefox closed, open the \extensions\ folder in your Profile folder, then locate this folder and open it.
  • Then you need to open the \lib\ folder to see the toolbar.js file. Open that file in a simple text editor program.
  • Save the edited file. Then start Firefox.
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Thanks! Worked flawlessly the first time.

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