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Firefox Relay Premium allows you to register your unique Relay email domain so that you can create custom email masks on the fly without a phone or computer. This is especially convenient if you need to provide an email address when checking out at an establishment, and you don't want them to keep your personal email address. Custom masks are composed of three basic elements: a username (like shopping), that can indicate the specific use case for the mask; a unique email domain (like exampledomain), that you set up following the steps below; and the domain, that is shared by all Firefox Relay masks.

Create a Relay email domain

  1. Sign into to access your Firefox Relay Dashboard.
    Register Relay email domain 1
  2. In the Set your unique Relay email domain section, enter the domain name you want and click Search.
    Register Relay email domain 2
  3. You will see a green check mark if the domain name is available. Check the box to confirm your choice and click Register.
    Register Relay email domain 3
  4. After registering the domain name, you will see a confirmation message. Click Continue to finish the process.
    Register Relay email domain 4

All set! From now on, when you visit a store or a website, you just need to provide whatever email username that comes to your mind accompanied by your Relay email domain handler (like, and it will automatically appear in your Relay dashboard once an email is sent to it.

Note: To stop receiving forwarded emails from your masks in your real inbox, disable the mask you created for a given website or transaction. To learn how to disable a mask, read Disable email forwarding - Stop receiving emails sent through your masks.

For more information on Relay email domains, visit General questions about Relay email domains.

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