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In order to provide support for Android users, we’re using a tool called Conversocial/Verint. Conversocial/Verint is a 3rd party tool that we use also for Social Support. In order to get access, you need to request an account by following the guideline below.

General overview

How to request an account

If you would like to help Firefox for Android users on Google Play Store, you need to request a Conversocial account by filing out this form. Please note that by joining Conversocial, you’re agreeing to their privacy policy.

We may also use your email address to contact you about your participation in the program. As always, our use of your email address will be in accordance with Mozilla's privacy policy.

Once you filled out the form, the SUMO team will then review your request and follow up with the next procedure. You can expect to get a reply in 2 business days.

General usage

  • Go to to log in.
  • Select the queue you want to work with.
  • Click the green play button when you ready to work.
  • Click the red stop button when you’re done or when you’re taking a break.
  • For security reasons, we strongly recommend you to logout whenever you’re not using the tool. You can also set up automatic session expiration from the Account > Security menu.

Understand Google Play Store rules

There are a few rules to follow when we reply to a Google Play Store review:

  • Replies must be less than 350 characters.
  • HTML tags will be stripped from replies, so please refrain from using HTML syntax.
  • Although you can reply to the same review as many times as you'd like, the customer receives a notification only after the first time you reply to the review. The following table illustrates how the customer notification work in Google Play Store:
Interaction Notification sent to users?
User writes review; developer submits reply Yes
Developer updates reply to the original review No
User updates review; developer updates reply Yes

Access Level

There are 2 access levels in Conversocial for Play Store Support Contributors:

  • Mobile Support Contributor

This is a role for the regular contributors. A regular contributor will be able to see all moderated queues (will be explained later) as well as reply to a review. For quality assurance reason, 10% of the regular contributor's reply will need to be approved before it is submitted to the Google Play Store.

  • Mobile Suppport Moderator

This is a role for the contributor moderator. A moderatorr is able to do all the things that the regular contributors can do. In addition to that, they can also approve conversations from other contributors and have access to the unmoderated queues. As a moderator, they also have the ability to move conversations from the unmoderated queue to the moderated ones.

Moderator tip: It’s recommended to enable approval notification. To enable it, you can go to Account > My Notifications (Queues) > Select the queue you want > Turn on the switch for “Notify me when: There are new approvals.”

Conversocial - Notifications menu

Filtering and sorting

How to search and filter conversations

To filter or sort conversations in Conversocial/Verint, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Conversocial/Verint.
  2. Write down your keyword on the search field in the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Click enter on the search field.
  4. If you need further filtering, you can click the Filter Conversation button in the top left corner of the screen, and you can filter based on:
    1. Queues
    2. Tags
    3. Type
    4. Content
    5. Channels
    6. Section
    7. Hold reason
    8. Close Reason
    9. Team members
  5. You will see the search results right below the filtering menu.

How to sort conversations

Conversocial let us sort conversations based on the priority and date creation (oldest/newest). There’s a “Conversation sort order” button just on the right side of the Filter button. Here are the sorting options you can choose:

  1. Prioritized first, then Oldest
  2. Prioritized first, then Newest
  3. Oldest first
  4. Newest first

Conversocial Workflow

Moderating vs replying

Essentially, Conversoial workflow falls under 2 buckets of category:

  • Moderation. Moderation is done by the contributor moderator or staff member. To learn more about Play Store support moderation, please see Mobile Store Support moderation guidelines.
  • Issue handling/replying. This is where we should focus on. Identifying the issue, researching for an answer, and replying to the review. To learn more about issue handling, please see Mobile Support - How to use the tool.

What to do after we reply to a conversation?

Considering the nature of store review that won't allow back and forth conversations like in the forum, we recommend to close the conversations right after we reply to it.

Closing reasons

When you close a conversation, make sure that you choose the appropriate Closing Reason. There are a few options to choose when you have resolved a conversation:

  • Bug filed: Bug report has been filed based on the reported message.
  • Deleted: The conversation has been deleted and therefore couldn’t be replied.
  • Moved to forum: For when the conversations are moved to the forum.
  • No need to reply: For non-actionable items (spam, bot, unrelated topic, troll accounts).
  • Resolved: Action has been taken and the issue has been resolved.
  • User didn’t respond: Action has been taken but user didn’t respond when we follow up.
  • Acknowledged: when a report has been acknowledged by the team (Pocket only)
  • Moved to Email: when a conversation is moved to email (Pocket only)

When closing a conversation that couldn’t be resolved, you can use the following options:

  • Could not resolve: The issue could not be resolved.
  • Language not supported: For when you see conversations outside of the supported locales.

Conversation status

To check conversations based on their status, you can choose the menu below. Conversocial status

  • On Hold: Conversations that have been answered but they’re waiting for more information either from the user or from the internal team. After 3 days, if a conversation hasn’t been able to resolve, it’ll be automatically closed.
  • Closing: Conversations that have been resolved (automatically or manually) and are currently in the gracing period before they’re actually closed and can’t be replied to anymore. Normally, the grace period is set for 2 hours.
  • Closed: Conversations that have been closed and passed the grace period. Note that we can’t answer a conversation once it’s closed.

Assign a review to yourself

You can assign a conversation to yourself. Once you do that, the conversation will be removed from the queue and other contributors will not be able to pick up the conversation.


How to escalate a review

Please refer to this article to learn more about when and how to escalate a conversation in Conversocial.

How to help with non-English reviews

Reviews from non-English locales that we recognized are automatically moved to locale-specific queue. To learn more about how you can help with non-English reviews, see How to help with non-English conversations on Mobile and Social Support.

If you see conversations outside of the supported locales, feel free to resolve the conversation as "Locale not supported".

How to stop contributing

If you wish to stop contributing and want to delete your Conversocial account, please email rkelimutu[at]mozilla[dot]com or one of the administrators with the email address you use in Conversocial.

Complete Mobile Support guidelines

Go back to the Mobile Support guidelines to continue learn about mobile support contribution.

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