Import Bookmarks and other data from Microsoft Edge

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Firefox lets you import your Favorites (called Bookmarks in Firefox), saved logins, passwords, browsing history and other data from Microsoft Edge, saving you from having to configure them yourself. This article gives you step-by-step instructions for getting it done.

Start the import process

Use one of these methods to import bookmarks and other data from Microsoft Edge into Firefox:

Import data from Firefox Settings

Starting in Firefox version 113, you can import your data from the Firefox Settings panel:

  1. In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click Firefox and then select Preferences or Settings, depending on your macOS version.Click the menu button Fx89menuButton and select Settings.
  2. In the General panel to the left, click on Import Data under the Import browser data section.
    Import data from Firefox settings
  3. The Import Wizard will open.
    Import from Microsoft Edge
    From here, you can select Microsoft Edge and the profile from which you wish to import data to complete the process (see below).

Import data from the Library

You can also start the import process from the Bookmarks Library window.

  1. Click the Firefox menu button Menu button 1 to open the menu panel. Click Bookmarks and then click the Manage bookmarks bar at the bottom. The Library window will open.
    macOS importFx110BookmarksLibrary-ImportData-win
  2. From the toolbar in the Library window, click import-export-arrowsimport-export-arrowsImport and Backup and choose Import Data from Another Browser…. The Import Wizard will open.
Tip: Another way to import from another browser is to enable the Menu bar (press Alt on the keyboard to enable it temporarily), click File in Menu bar at the top of the screen and select Import from Another Browser…

Choose data and complete the import

  1. In the Import Wizard that appears, select the Microsoft Edge profile and data you wish to import.
    • To choose the data you want to import, click on the + button to make your selection.
    Import from Microsoft Edge 2
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. The import will start. You may be prompted to add your system password to proceed.
    Importing data 1
  4. All set! Click Done to wrap up the import.
    The import process will transfer the following data to Firefox:
    • Bookmarks: Web pages you have saved in your bookmarks.
    • Saved Logins and Passwords: Your usernames and passwords.
    • Browsing History: Information on the sites you have visited.
    • Saved Form history: Information you use to populate online forms.
    Importing data 2

Your imported favorites from Microsoft Edge will appear as a folder in your Bookmarks Toolbar and Bookmarks menu.

Note: The Bookmarks Menu button Bookmarks Menu button - Proton is not shown by default. To learn how to add it to your Firefox toolbar and for more information on using bookmarks in Firefox, see Bookmarks in Firefox.

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