How to reset your password without Account Recovery Keys and regain access to your data

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This article is for users running Firefox version 114 and above.

Recovery keys, if enabled, are unique codes generated by Firefox that help you regain access to your account and encrypted data when you forget your password or lose access to your device. Firefox stores a local profile with your data on your computer, which protects it during a password reset. With the local copy of your data, you can easily reset your password and restore your data, even if you don't have recovery keys. This article explains the steps you need to follow.

What is the difference between locally stored data and synced data?

Locally stored data

A local profile is like a personal storage space on your computer where Firefox saves your information. This includes browsing history, cookies, passwords, credit card details, settings, bookmarks, add-ons and open tabs. Regardless of having a Mozilla account or enabling Sync, as long as you're using the same computer/device and haven't wiped or formatted it, this data will be available to you.

Synced data

When you sync your data with your Mozilla account, your data gets uploaded to Sync servers, based on your settings. This stored data is encrypted for security reasons and can be used to sync and populate other connected devices, allowing you to have the same information on both your mobile and desktop devices.

How to reset your password without recovery keys

Warning: To perform this password recovery without recovery keys, it is important to reset the Mozilla account from the same device where you last logged in and backed up your data. This allows Firefox to retrieve your data from your local profile on that device, which is necessary for the recovery process.

If you're resetting from a new device, you'll need access to the device where you logged in and synced your data the last time.

To reset your password

  1. Click the menu PhotonMenuButton and click Sign In next to Sync and save data.
  2. On the Sign in page, click Forgot password? link. Firefox will send you a reset email.
  3. Follow the instructions in your reset email to change your password.
  4. After signing in with your new password, remember to update your password on each of your synced devices.

Alternatively, you can click the Forgot password? link on any Mozilla account sign-in page and follow the prompts to reset your password. This will reset your Mozilla account.

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