Privacy and security settings

Learn how to keep your information safe and secure with Firefox's private browsing, password features and other security settings.

Configure DNS over HTTPS protection levels in Firefox

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is a recommended feature that enhances privacy for everyone. When you type a web address into your address bar, Firefox sends a secure DNS request to look up the IP address for that website over the Internet and make sure it's secure. In this article, we explain all the DoH protection levels you can configure from the Firefox settings.

Global Privacy Control

How to make Firefox advise websites that you visit not to sell or share your browsing information.

Site Information panel

The Site Information panel in Firefox tells you about a website's connection security and identity. Learn more.

Site Permissions panel

If you allow or block permissions for a website, the address bar will show a Permissions icon that opens the Permissions panel. Learn more.

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