How does Firefox for Android use the permissions it requests?

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When you install an application on an Android device, Android will display all the functions that the app is capable of, such as accessing your camera, contacts, or location. In order to access these resources, applications ask for specific permissions. Each permission is accompanied with a brief description to offer an understanding of what it may be used for.

To install an app, you must acknowledge that you're aware of what the software is capable of by giving Android your permission. For example, when you visit a website that requires a specific function, such as taking or uploading a picture or finding your location, Android will ask you for permission before it performs that function.

Firefox functions and permissions

Google has recently simplified the app permissions lists, so you might not see all the permissions displayed here. See the Google Support page for more details. Firefox may request access to the following:

  • Storage: Modify/delete SD card contents. This allows Firefox to save downloaded files to the SD card.
  • Your location (GPS location): GPS location is used only when you choose to share your location with a website. Firefox never uses your location itself or shares it with a website without your permission.
  • Take pictures and videos: When a web page requests an image file to upload, you may choose to take a picture with your device's built-in camera. If a site wishes to use your microphone for communication, you may choose to share that as well — such is the case with sites using WebRTC. Firefox will always display a message asking for permission each time a site asks to add a photo or record audio. It never records audio, takes pictures or records video unless you opt in each time it asks.
  • Network communication (Full Internet access): This gives Firefox permission to download web pages, add-onsextensions and other content over the Internet.
  • System Tools (Install shortcuts): This allows you to add website shortcuts to your device's home screen using Firefox.
  • Wi-Fi connection information: Allows Firefox to view whether Wi-Fi is enabled and the names of devices that are connected to it. This information allows Mozilla Location Services to work.
  • Download Manager: Allows Firefox to download files through the Download Manager.

Firefox Google Play data safety disclosure

Note: Mozilla respects and protects your personal information. We only collect the data we need to improve our products and services. For more information, visit Firefox Privacy Policy.

Firefox transmits the following data to understand how users interact with Firefox:

  • Location: User or device physical location. GPS location is used only when you choose to share your location with a website. Firefox never uses your location itself or shares it with a website without your permission.
  • App Activity: Information about how you interact with the Firefox app. We do not collect your browsing history.
  • App info and performance: This includes information about Firefox performance, such as crash logs and diagnostics, used to improve the application. Data is compiled, and no individual browsing history is collected or shared.
  • Device or other identifiers: Information about a user's device, browser, or application. To learn more, visit How do you use Adjust in Firefox?

Do you share my data with third parties?

Your privacy is important to us. We do not share your data with third parties.

How can I request my data to be removed?

You need to opt out of Usage and technical data in the settings:

  1. Tap the menu button. Settings icon - address bar - Fenix

  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Privacy and Security section.
  4. Tap Data collection.
  5. Tap the toggle next to Usage and technical data.

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