How do you use Adjust in Firefox?

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Adjust is a mobile marketing vendor. Many of our mobile products use Adjust to determine the origin of the installation by answering the question "Did this user on this device install the application in response to a specific advertising campaign performed by Mozilla?"

The list of our mobile products that use Adjust is here: Send usage data on Firefox mobile browsers.

The Adjust framework consists of a open source software development kit (SDK) built into Firefox and a data-collecting Internet service backend run by the German company Adjust GmbH. You can also learn more at their privacy policy.

What data is collected and sent to the Adjust backend?

Campaign Measurement Data

When you download one of our mobile apps for the first time, if it uses Adjust, it sends an anonymous "attribution" request to the adjust servers. This request describes how the application was downloaded, for example, whether it was downloaded directly via the App Store or through a marketing campaign link. The data includes an advertising ID, IP address, and timestamp.

Interaction Data

Some of our mobile apps occasionally send adjust anonymous summaries about how often the app has been in active use recently and what features of the app are being used. These are anonymous reports that contain, for example, how many times the search, browse and erase button are pressed.

Technical Data

Adjust receives data such as country, language/locale, operating system and app version.

For more details, see the documentation here.

How do I prevent data from being sent to the Adjust backend?

You can change the “Send usage data” control in the settings menu. For instructions, see Send usage data on Firefox mobile browsers.

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