How do I choose my server on Mozilla VPN?

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Mozilla VPN lets you browse the web securely and privately by creating an encrypted tunnel to the web for any app on your computer or mobile device. When you use the Internet through a VPN server, you will disguise your real location and prevent data trackers from profiling you based on it.

The first time you launch Mozilla VPN, it will automatically select a server near your location for optimal performance. However, you can also change server locations at any time and choose from over 30+ countries around the world. This way, you can browse the web as if you were in another location. For example, if you're in California and choose a server in Sydney, Australia, data collectors will think you're connecting from Sydney, and any websites that modify their content according to the location of the visitors will tailor their content as if you were in Australia.

To change server location on Mozilla VPN, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Mozilla VPN.
  2. Sign in with your Mozilla account (only required the first time you access it or if you are not already signed in).
  3. Click the Select Location option.
    location with no speed test
  4. Make sure you have the Single-hop tab selected.
    single hop
  5. Next, select either, Recommended or All servers. Select the Recommended servers option to view the optimal performance locations for your region.
    single hop recommended
    Note: The icon Performance icon next to the server shows you the expected performance when connecting to a given location.
  6. Or select the All servers option to choose any server location to connect to.
    All single-hop
    Note: Connecting to a server geographically distant from your actual location can affect your Internet speed.

All set! You're now connected to the server of your choice, and you can browse the web as if you were in that location. For added protection, you can also configure Mozilla VPN to encrypt your traffic and route it through two locations instead of one. Check Multi-Hop - Encrypt your data twice for enhanced security while using Mozilla VPN for more info.

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