Check your connection speed in Mozilla VPN

Your internet connection and the server you choose on Mozilla VPN determine your browsing speed and experience. This article shows you how to run a speed test and helps you understand what the results you will see on the screen mean.

Launch a speed test

  1. Open the application.
  2. Toggle on the VPN.
  3. Select the performance icon in the top left corner.
    Launch a speed test on Mozilla VPN


Once the speed test is complete, you will see the Upload and Download speed of the server you're connected to. The test results will also provide recommendations on how to improve your connection and what online activities it is optimized for.

Slow Speed

Your current connection speed is slow and will not deliver the best browsing experience possible. Consider switching servers and checking your internet connection. If you're using a Multi-hop, consider changing it to a single-hop connection.

Slow speed

Medium Speed

Your current connection speed is average, and while this may be sufficient for basic internet usage, you may experience slower performance while streaming in high-quality or gaming online.


High Speed

Your connection speed is optimized for high bandwidth usage, including 4K streaming and online gaming.

High speed

View the server IP

To see the IP address for the VPN server you're currently connected:

  • Select the information icon on the top right of the main connection widget.
    View server IP
  • The server IP will be displayed. Select X to close the connection information screen.
    Connection information

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