What is Article View?

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When you open an item, Pocket will choose the best way to display that item’s content. There are two possible views: Article View and View Original.

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Article View

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Articles, news stories, blog posts, and most text-based pages will be shown in Article View, which optimizes text and images for your screen. This distraction-free, easy-to-read format is designed to deliver the best reading and viewing experience, with all unnecessary information left out. Pocket will use Article View whenever possible.

View Original

The alternative to Article View is View Original. In View Original, Pocket displays the page just as it would appear in its original form, in a separate tab. It’s the same as opening the page in a web browser. Since View Original is the same as opening a page in a web browser, it also lets you log in to websites you subscribe to in order to log in and read your subscriber-only content.

Common Questions

Some of the information from a saved link is missing when I open it in Article View. Why is this?

Pocket's article parser determines what should appear in Article View. Sometimes, our parser can miss content such as an image, some sentences, or an incorrect article title. Try Refreshing to see if the correct information loads. If you see an issue with a link you've opened in Article View, please email Pocket Support with the URL.

Pocket keeps showing the original version of a page I’ve saved. How can I see it in Article View?

If Pocket is unable to display the content in Article View, the original version will be shown in what we call View Original. There are several reasons why an article may not appear as expected (or won't display at all) in Pocket’s Article View:

  1. Pocket might not be interpreting the page as an article. If you saved an article and it’s not showing in Article View correctly, please report it to our team.
  2. Most social media content such as Facebook and Instagram posts are best suited to View Original.
  3. Pages with dynamic web content, powered by JavaScript or Flash, are incompatible with Article View. For example, if a web page displays different content each time it's viewed, it cannot be shown in Article View.
  4. Text from PDFs cannot be extracted, so we can't display this text in Article View.

If you’re unsure how a saved item should be displayed, the Pocket Support team is always happy to help.

I subscribe to a publication and wish to read its articles in Pocket. How can I do so?

Click here for information about reading subscription-only articles in Pocket.

The item I wish to save is written in a Right-to-Left language like Hebrew and Arabic. However, Pocket is not displaying it correctly. How can I fix this?

At the moment, Pocket has trouble with some sites that display RTL languages. We are tracking this and hope to better support right-to-left languages in the future.

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