Firefox Lite enhanced search with Awesome bar

Starting on June 30, 2021, Mozilla will no longer support Firefox Lite. This application may continue to work on your device, but it will no longer receive support or security updates. For more information, visit End of support for Firefox Lite. Download Firefox for Android or Firefox Focus for a fast, private and safe browsing experience.

Firefox Lite is available in Indonesia, India, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam as well as 42 more countries.

The Firefox Lite address bar displays the URL for the web page that you are visiting. When you type in this field, Firefox Lite remembers the pages that you have visited to show autocomplete page suggestions.

Autocomplete Page Suggestions

Just start typing in the search bar and the autocomplete drop-down will display matching results for:

  • Page titles and web addresses from your history.
  • Page titles and web addresses from your bookmarks.
  • Pages you currently have open in other tabs.
  • Autocomplete search suggestions.


The icons next to the results indicate whether a matching result is an open tab, a bookmark or was previously visited in your browsing history. When you see the page you want, just tap on it to visit the website.

Open a Link from your clipboard

When you tap the address bar, Firefox Lite shows the most recent link you copied in your clipboard. You can quickly access the website simply by tapping the link.


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