End of support for Firefox Lite

Mozilla will end support for the Firefox Lite browser on June 30, 2021. Version 2.6.1 will be the last supported release for Firefox Lite. You will no longer be able to install or reinstall Firefox Lite from the App Store. The application may continue to work on your device but it will no longer receive support or security updates.

Why has Mozilla ended support for Firefox Lite?

We are confident that last year’s release of the newly redesigned Firefox for Android will meet the needs of our Firefox Lite users along with our popular, fast, private and lightweight mobile browser, Firefox Focus.

Can I still browse safely with Firefox for Android or Firefox Focus?

Yes. All Firefox products are built with our users' privacy in mind. Firefox for Android and Firefox Focus are both equally light, fast, and secure browsers.

For more information about how to install Firefox for Android, visit Install Firefox on your phone or tablet. Visit What is Firefox Focus for iOS? to learn how to install Firefox Focus on your device.

What will happen to my bookmarks and screenshots?

Any bookmarks you have saved will be deleted after you uninstall the application, while screenshots will stay on your device.

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