Common questions after updating to Firefox version 29

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This article covers the most common questions people have after upgrading Firefox to version 29 or above, from an earlier Firefox version.

New to Firefox? — see Get started with Firefox - An overview of the main features which covers major features.
Having problems with the update? — see Firefox hot topics for solutions.

Why were these changes made?

The latest Firefox includes visual improvements to streamline and unify the interface as well as new features to make it more efficient and easier to customize.

New tabs and toolbar - Win8

What happened to the Add-on Bar?

The latest Firefox removes the Add-on bar and now places an Add-on's button in the main toolbar.

Add-ons in the toolbar - Win8Add-ons toolbar Win8

How do I make the new Firefox look like the old Firefox?

One of the great things about Firefox is how customizable it is. In fact, you can even make it look like the old Firefox if you want. Do you miss the Add-ons bar, small icons or tabs on bottom? No problem.

How do I update Firefox Sync?

Signing in to the new Sync is easy to do with a Firefox account. No more pairing codes or recovery keys. Just sign in with your email and password and you're set. But the new version of Sync only works with the latest Firefox. Never fear, we'll show you how to update.

Some of my add-ons were disabled. What can I do?

When Firefox updates, it turns off add-ons that are not compatible with the new version.

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