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Current M AliceWyman Image:Fx115History-ClearRecentHistory, removed TOC, other small edits
Approved M Michele Rodaro Deleted [[Image:Fx60Library-ClearRecentHistory]]
Approved MT AliceWyman Clearing all search items: Library -> menu button
Approved M AliceWyman removed pre-fx68 content
Approved M jscher2000 - Support Volunteer Fx78: up to two search history suggestions will appear in URLbar autocomplete
Approved M Marco Bonardo Update shortcut from Delete to Shift+Delete
Approved   AliceWyman (minor) updated link to renamed article
Approved M AliceWyman updated search summary
Approved M AliceWyman Clearing all search items: added image to clarify steps
Unreviewed   Underpass better warn BEFORE the "Clear all" command
Approved M AliceWyman purged pre-fx60 content, new fx63 image, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman updated instructions for fx57 (see discussion)
Approved M Joni replaced with template
Approved M Joni updted for 57
Unreviewed   Joni updated for 57
Reviewed M Moin Shaikh Added a keyboard shortcut tip for users to reduce the overall process steps.
Approved M AliceWyman updated Search Bar images
Approved M user669794 removed share article
Approved M scootergrisen Added up and down keys, so not be confused with the down-arrow next to the search engine icon
Reviewed M ideato Search Bar screenshot for 29 and above
Approved M Underpass shortcut fn+delete doesn't work with Mac, old shortcut still applies
Approved M Joni updated for australis
Approved   scoobidiver added TOC, fixed links, drop support for fx35, added keywords
Approved M Michael Verdi New 160 character search summary
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added the Share this article template
Approved M AliceWyman minore edit to last revision to remove {key} markup for "down arrow"
Unreviewed   scoobidiver replaced {for fx4,fx5} by {for fx4}, screenshots, and the summary
Unreviewed   Ben new screenshoots, search results summary
Unreviewed   Chris Ilias re-arrange intro to list links to other articles, and put explanation of search bar at the beginning

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