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Firefox’s tab context menu provides a range of useful tools to help you manage and organize your tabs effectively. This menu is designed to give you quick access to common tab actions, enhancing your browsing experience. To open the tab context menu, right-click on a Firefox tab. Here’s an overview of the key options available in the tab context menu.

Fx115TabMenu-CloseMultipleTabsTab context menu overview

Basic actions

  • New Tab: Open a New Tab page in Firefox quickly.
  • Reload Tab: Refresh the selected tab to get the latest content.
  • Mute Tab/Unmute Tab: Mute or unmute audio in the selected tab.
  • Pin Tab/Unpin Tab: Pin important tabs to keep them in place and unpin them when they are no longer needed.
  • Duplicate Tab: Create a copy of the current tab, retaining the browsing history.
  • Bookmark Tab…: Bookmark the current tab for later reference.

Move options

  • Move Tab: Relocate tabs within your window.
    • Move to Start
    • Move to End
    • Move to New Window

Device and sharing options

  • Send Tab to Device: Send the tab to another device connected to your Mozilla account.
  • Share: Share the current tab via various methods.
  • Open in New Container Tab: Open the tab in a different container for separation of activities. (Only shown if you have once installed an extension using containers.)

Select and close options

  • Select All Tabs: Select all open tabs in the current window.
  • Close Tab: Close the selected tab quickly.
  • Close Duplicate Tabs: Close tabs that are duplicates of the current one.
  • Close Multiple Tabs: Access options to close multiple tabs.
    • Close Tabs to Right
    • Close Tabs to Left
    • Close Other Tabs
  • Reopen Closed Tab: Reopen the last closed tab to retrieve any accidentally closed content.
Note: If mutiple tabs are selected, the chosen option is applied to all selected tabs (except obviously Open a new tab and Reopen close tab).

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