New Tab page in Firefox

The customizable Firefox New Tab page can display shortcuts (sites you save or visit the most), popular articles on Pocket, and your recent activity (including recently visited pages or bookmarks).The New Tab page is the default Firefox start page unless you have set a different home page.

When you first use Firefox you'll see links to top-ranking websites and popular search engines. These are eventually replaced with Shortcuts, which are links to frequently and recently visited sites from your browsing history.



The Shortcuts section displays sites you save or visit on Firefox. You may also see sponsored shortcuts, if enabled in your settings. These sites will also appear when you click in the address bar to start a search.

The Recommended by Pocket section displays content curated by Pocket, part of the Mozilla family. You can view or save articles, remove them, or open them in a new window. You can also explore more stories by clicking on the popular topics.

Recommended by Pocket stories on the Firefox New Tab page is a feature currently available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Italy, France and Spain. We're working to bring it to other countries.

Recent activity

The Recent activity section many include your recently visited pages, bookmarks, most recent downloads and pages saved to Pocket. Firefox will show, in each tile, a download GreenDownloadIcon icon, the bookmark BlueBookmarkIcon star, the recent visit clock ClockIcon icon or a Pocket RedPocketIcon icon.


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