Customize controls, options and add-ons

Filelink for Large Attachments

Messages with large attachments are often rejected by mail servers. Thunderbird can use web-based storage services to send large file attachments.


This article explains how to create and use custom signatures (text or images that are automatically appended to messages).

Using Multiple Profiles

Thunderbird saves personal information such as messages, passwords and user preferences in a "profile". This article describes how to use multiple profiles.

Unified Toolbar

Into to the Unified Toolbar and how to customize the buttons for the different toolbars for: Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Chat and Settings "Spaces."

Message List Columns

This article explains how to configure the columns that Thunderbird displays in message lists.

Dangerous directories

Some system folders are not allowed when setting Thunderbird storage location as they cause issues.

Hyperlinks in Messages Not Working

When clicking hyperlinks in email, your default web browser should open and display their content. Learn why that may fail and why links may not be clickable.

Open Search

Instantly take part of a message and search for it in Bing, Yahoo, Twitter or other websites.

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