What's new in Firefox Klar for iOS (version 40)

Welcome to a new version of Firefox Klar for iOS (version 40). This release comes with the following improvements and features:

Firefox Klar Studies setting

Firefox Klar runs studies to make sure users are getting the best experience when they test new features. This setting is turned on by default, but learn how to opt out.


Homepage tips translated into additional languages

The tips shown on the Firefox Klar for iOS homepage are now avaialable in multiple languages.

Dismiss "Find in Page" with Esc key

"Find in Page" can now be dismissed when pressing the Esc key on a hardware keyboard.

Changes to Open in Default Browser

We’ve changed “Open in Safari” to “Open in Default Browser” in the Settings menu. Firefox Focus settings menu

Bug fixes

We've resolved numerous bug fixes including:

  • Small theming visual issues.
  • Pages no longer appear zoomed in after changing your device's orientation.
  • URL bar no longer loses focus after changing your device's orientation.
  • Lock icon is no longer displayed instead of the disabled shield.
  • Crash no longer occurs when adding a site to the autocomplete list.

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