What's new in Firefox for iOS (version 34)

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Thank you for updating to a new version of Firefox for iOS. This release comes with a brand new, clean, and modern look and improvements to search.

New clean and modern look

We’ve updated our icons across the app and made the menus and controls more consistent with the iOS system design.

New iPad tab strip

ipad ios 34

Menu improvements for easier access to content

The updated Firefox menu gets a new look and feel so you can get to content you need, like your bookmarks, history, reading list and downloads, even faster.

new menu ios 34

Search enhancements

Active search engine

See what your active search engine is at a glance. Firefox displays your active search engine right on the search bar.

search engine ios 34

Easy-to-refine search suggestions

Now you can easily narrow your searches without having to enter extra words. Just tap the append arrow next to a search suggestion to use or choose more refinements.

search refinements ios 34

Search open and synced tabs

We’ve included synced tabs to your tabs menu. Rather than having to open Your Library to search your tabs, we’ve included open and synced tabs in your search suggestions so you can access them all right from one search.

If an open or synced tab matches your search, Firefox will automatically take you to your open tab.

switch tab ios 34

Tab improvements

New tab list view

View your open tabs without losing your page. When tap the tab number icon, the tab tray will scroll up over the page. To get back to the page, simply slide the tab tray down.

tab view ios 34

Easier access to synced tabs

You can now access synced and open tabs all in one place. Rather than having to click through extra steps, just tap the tab number on your toolbar to access your synced tabs.

sync tabs ios 34

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