What features are included in Pocket Premium?

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Pocket is a free service that helps you discover and save web content to read later on any device. Pocket Premium is a subscription that adds powerful features like unlimited highlighting and permanent library for better organization. You can subscribe to Monthly or Yearly plans, and save money by choosing the latter. Cancel anytime.

Continue reading to learn more about Pocket Premium and the descriptions of each Premium feature.

Ad-Free Experience

Displaying sponsored content is one way that Pocket can earn revenue and sustain itself while offering Pocket for free. By upgrading to Pocket Premium, you are helping Pocket’s efforts more directly, and therefore you won’t see any sponsored posts in Pocket or Pocket Hits newsletters. We're grateful for your support!

Full-Text Search

Pocket Premium subscribers gain access to Pocket’s powerful and extensive search that helps you find your saved content any way you like across your entire Pocket account. You can search by article text, topics, tags, authors, and more, making it easy to quickly find anything in your list.

Additional features include:

  • Recent Searches, so you can quickly return to a previous search
  • Search for a single Tag, or multiple Tags at once
  • Advanced search operators to help you craft and refine your search
  • Search All Items (both My Saves and Archive) simultaneously

Learn more with our complete guide to Full-Text Search.

Unlimited Highlighting

Highlighting while reading has enormous benefits. It helps you engage more deeply the text, comprehend dense subjects, and easily revisit to key passages in the future. While the free version limits users to 3 highlights per article, Premium removes this limit.

Learn more about Highlighting.

Permanent Library

While you’re subscribed to Pocket Premium, the articles and webpages you save will be automatically copied into your Permanent Library. Therefore, even if content you’ve saved changes or is deleted from the Web, you’ll still be able to access it in Pocket.

Learn how to utilize your Permanent Library.

Suggested Tags

With Suggested Tags, you no longer need to type, remember, or search for tags you've recently used. You'll see your three most recently used Tags to quickly organize items in your account.

The more you use tags, the smarter and more personalized the suggestions will become.

Learn more about Suggested Tags.

Customize Your Reading Experience

Users can fully customize their reading experience with adjustable text layout options, and 8 additional premium font options.

Learn more about customizing your reading experience and see the Premium font options.

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