What is included in BadgeKit?

Currently, BadgeKit supports key points in the badging experience, including:

  • Design: A tool for defining all of the metadata, including criteria pages, and finalizing visual design for each badge.
    • Templates: Visual and metadata designs that can be remixed by anyone creating a badge.
    • Milestones: The ability to have a group of badges level up to a larger, more significant badge.
  • Assess: A tool for mentor or peer assessment that includes issuer defining rubrics and criteria for a badge, the ability for learners to apply for a badge by adding information and evidence, as well as access for assessors to manage applications and enable review and scoring.
  • Issue: A tool for awarding badges to learners and hosting assertions to enable badges to be pushed to Backpacks.
  • Collect: A “Backpack” for collecting badges across various experiences or organizations.

Throughout 2014, we will be adding additional tools to BadgeKit, including:

  • Discover: A directory of available badges with features for searching, filtering, wish listing and endorsing badges.
  • Share: A tool to enable easy sharing of badges on various sites across the web (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).
  • Collect: Backpacks will become “federated”, meaning that different instances still plug into the broader ecosystem and can share data across.

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