What permissions does Pocket for Android require and why?

When installing Pocket on Android version 5.x or earlier, you will be presented with a set of permissions that the app requires. If you’re on Android 6 or above, you’ll be able to selectively allow these permissions. Here's a brief explanation of why Pocket needs these permissions.

Network Communication

Full Internet Access

Pocket uses your device’s internet connection to sync, download content from your list for offline access and display webpages you open. Pocket gives you a variety of settings to control what and when content is downloaded and synced. To learn how to configure what is downloaded for offline access, click here.

View Network State

Pocket uses this to check if the device has an internet connection available before it attempts to sync.

View WiFi State

Same as “View Network State” above. Receive data from Internet Same as “Full Internet Access” above. Also it allows the app to receive cloud (push) messages if you choose to enable the “Instant Sync” setting.


Modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents

Pocket can save its offline cache to external storage (SD card) to help save local memory on your device. If your device has an SD card, Pocket will save its cache there by default. However, this storage location is completely up to you and can be changed in Pocket’s Settings.

Your Accounts

Use Accounts on this Device

This permission lets Pocket provide the option to log in or sign up with Google. If a user does not wish to log in or sign up to Pocket with Google, they can use the email address/password method instead. This permission does not give Pocket the ability to post anything to your Google+ profile, see any information about your connections or view anything you or your connections have posted. Pocket users who have connected their Google account can revoke access at any time. For more information please visit our Google Sign-On FAQ.

Your Social Information

Read Contacts

If you optionally let help you locate your friends on Pocket using your contacts, your contacts’ information will never leave the device or be stored on Pocket’s servers.

System Tools

Prevent tablet/phone from sleeping

Pocket uses this setting to keep your list synced and up-to-date for you automatically. Depending on your background syncing preferences, Pocket will occasionally sync while your device is on stand-by. During this brief time, Pocket will keep your device “awake”. When it is finished, it lets it go back to sleep. If you prefer Pocket not to sync in the background, you can disable this functionality in Pocket’s Settings.

Automatically Start At Boot

When you turn on your device, Pocket may configure some features in the background according to your syncing and notification preferences. This process is extremely fast, and will not significantly impact start up speed or battery life. Pocket aims to be a “good citizen” on your device and avoid running when it’s not needed.

In-App Purchases

Make Purchases Within The App

Pocket Premium, our subscription-based premium service can be purchased within the app. Purchasing this subscription is entirely optional.

Other Information

Privacy policy and support

Pocket values your privacy. For additional information about how Pocket respects your privacy, click here to review our privacy policy. If you have additional questions about Pocket for Android permissions, please click here to send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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