Well known sources for downloading the Thunderbird email software

Official distribution channels for Mozilla Thunderbird

Unless you have a good reason to install your software using a different mechanism, it's recommended that you use one of the download sources that are described on this page.

Depending on your operating system, you may have multiple alternatives.

Thunderbird.net website

The thunderbird.net website is the official place for downloading the software that is created by the Mozilla Thunderbird project for the Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux operating systems.

Use the download link on the thunderbird.net site to obtain the installation package that is recommended for your operating system and your language.

If you (optionally) wish to verify that you have downloaded an official version, you may follow the instructions for verifying a Thunderbird download.

Please refer to the separate documents with installation instructions for Windows, macOS and Linux for additional details.

Once installed, while using Thunderbird, it should automatically update by downloading and installing newer versions, whenever they become available.

Note: Once a new major version of Thunderbird is released, the Thunderbird project usually continues to provide security and stability fixes for a period of 2–3 months. To allow add-on authors some time to work on new versions of their add-ons that are compatible with the newer major Thunderbird release, there will usually be a 2–3 months delay until the automatic update mechanism will upgrade you to the new major version.

Microsoft Store

If you're using the Microsoft Windows operating system version 10 or newer, you may use the Microsoft store to install it.


Usually, Linux distributions create packages for installing Mozilla Thunderbird easily, using software installation tools that are included with the Linux distribution. Usually, the maintainers of the Linux distribution control when new updates of their Thunderbird software page are made available. Also, the package offered by the Linux distribution may contain modifications for better integration with the operating system.

By downloading Thunderbird from the thunderbird.net website, you may install Thunderbird separately for your user account, which may allow you to get updates more quickly, or use a new major version earlier than offered by the Linux distribution.

Alternatively, you may install the Thunderbird Flatpak package, which is another official distribution method offered by the Thunderbird project. Your Linux distribution may already a mechanism to install Flatpak packages from Flathub. Ideally, you should follow the documentation that is provided by your Linux distribution. Usually, the following command can be used in a terminal window: flatpak install flathub org.mozilla.Thunderbird

On distributions that don't support Flatpak, you could install the snap package from the Snapcraft store. The details are explained in the Linux installation notes.

Unlisted channels

You should be careful when software named Thunderbird is offered to you on other websites. Please be aware of the risk of installing infected or Trojan software, that pretends to be Mozilla Thunderbird.

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