Using the Save to Pocket extension for Safari

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Installing Pocket for Safari

The Save to Pocket extension is available as an app in the Mac App Store. Once downloaded, setting up the extension is easy:

  • Click here to download Save to Pocket in the Mac App Store
  • Open the Save to Pocket app that you just downloaded
  • Click Finish Setup – this will open to the Extensions tab of the Safari Preferences window. You can also open Safari > Preferences > Extensions to open your extensions list.
  • Check the box next to Save to Pocket. The Pocket button will be added to your Safari toolbar.

Save to Pocket extension enabled in Safari settings

Saving pages with the Pocket extension

When you're viewing a page that you'd like to save to Pocket, just click the Pocket toolbar button. You can also save links in a page by right-clicking on them and selecting Save to Pocket.

Save to Pocket button in Safari

The Pocket save confirmation will appear after saving a page. In it, you have the option to take additional actions or add tags. Otherwise, it’ll just disappear automatically.

Save to Pocket for Safari - Page Saved popup

Adding Tags

To add Tags, type tag names into the text box and press Enter. Your tag will be saved automatically. You can also keep typing to add additional tags.

Save to Pocket Page - Page Saved popup (added tags)

Additional Actions

Additional actions you can take on an item are available when hovering your mouse over the ●●● button, including:

  • Archive Page: Some users enjoy saving articles to Pocket after they’ve read them so they can be referenced again in the future. If this sounds useful, just click Archive Page after saving.
  • Remove Page: If you saved a page by mistake, you can undo it. Simply click Remove Page after the accidental save.
  • View your List: You can also go directly to your List after saving an item. Click Open My List in this menu to do just that.

Managing or Removing the Pocket extension

You can enable or disable the Save to Pocket extension in Preferences. Here’s how to find it:

  • Open Safari
  • Go to the Safari menu at the top left corner of your screen, and select Preferences
  • Click the Extensions tab

Here, you can uncheck the Save to Pocket extension to disable it. Or, if you’d rather remove the extension from your computer, click the Uninstall button to open the app in Finder so you can move the application to your Trash.

Click here for helpful instructions from Apple that explain how to delete apps on your Mac.

Common Questions

What permissions does the Save to Pocket extension for Safari require, and why?

When you install the Save to Pocket Extension for Safari, the permissions that are required to use the extension are displayed in the Preferences window. Here’s a brief explanation of why they are necessary:

  • Webpage contents - This permission enables Pocket to show the “Page Saved” notification that’s displayed at the top right corner of your browser window. This permission is used to show and hide this notification and orient it in the proper place.
  • Browsing History - Safari enables this permission on any extension that injects JavaScript in the browser window. (The notification mentioned above is powered by JavaScript.)

Aside from URLs that you explicitly save to Pocket, we do not access, store, or transmit anything from your browsing history.

Pocket values your privacy. For additional information about how Pocket respects your privacy, click here to review our privacy policy.

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