Upgrading from an older version of Thunderbird

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Still on an older version of Thunderbird and looking to upgrade? Luckily, the process to upgrade is fairly straight-forward.

Before we begin

During a version upgrade, some versions of Thunderbird perform data and other conversions (for example address book data) to enable new capabilities. If you skip an important version, then Thunderbird may not work, you may have missing or incorrect data, or other complications may occur. To avoid this, closely follow these directions.

During this process, third-party add-ons may require an update, or may no longer work on newer versions of Thunderbird.

Check which version of Thunderbird you currently have installed using Find what version of Thunderbird you are using.

Important: Before upgrading, always back up your profile. Please see Profiles - Where Thunderbird stores your messages and other user data for more information. Also ensure your computer is compatible with the latest version of Thunderbird.

Automatic upgrade with 60.9.1 or newer

You need to be on version 60.9.1 or newer to be able to automatically upgrade to the current version of Thunderbird.

Automatically upgrade to the current version

You can automatically upgrade in multiple steps from the version you start with (60.9.1 or newer) to the current version. The number of steps varies depending on where you start. If you start at 60.9.1, you will go from 60.9.1 to 68.12.1 to 78.14 to 91.13 to 102.15.1 to the current version (TB 115 or newer).

Repeat the following steps until you are at the current version of Thunderbird:

  • Click > Help > About Thunderbird (About Mozilla Thunderbird in TB60)
  • Click Restart Thunderbird ({Restart to update Thunderbird in TB60)
  • Wait for the newly upgraded Thunderbird to open

And that is it, you have now upgraded to the latest version of Thunderbird! The interface may have changed from your previous version. We recommend familiarizing yourself with any interface changes.

If you are on a version older than 60

Automatic upgrades will not work if you are on a version older than 60. The steps below will get you to version 60.

Manual upgrade process using download and install

Disclaimer: The following procedure has not been extensively tested. It is based on feedback from volunteers and staff over the years.
  1. Using the list below, pick the first version higher than your current version, manually download using the link and install it. For example, if you are on Thunderbird then you need to manually download 3.0.11 which is the next version in the list.
    Important: Once you have upgraded, open Thunderbird at least once before continuing.
  2. Repeat until you get to Thunderbird 60.9.1
  3. Once you have reached 60.9.1, please follow the steps in Automatic Upgrade with 60.9.1 or newer.

Manual upgrade version order list

Need help?

Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance. We have a fantastic Support Knowledge Base with pre-existing topics that may be of use. Can't find a topic for your particular need, try asking a question to our dedicated community.

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