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Thunderbird's Export tool lets you create a backup of your Thunderbird profile including accounts, messages, address books, and settings. The entire contents of your Thunderbird profile folder will be saved to a zip file, which you can later restore using Thunderbird's Import Tool, typically on another computer.

Please note that the Export tool currently only supports backup zip files of up to 2 GB.

If your profile folder is larger than 2 GB, please follow the steps for Creating a backup of large profiles below.

How to backup your profile with the Export tool


Creating a backup copy of your current Thunderbird profile is very simple:

  1. Do > Tools > Export
  2. Click on the Export button.
  3. In the Export to a ZIP file dialog, choose a target folder and file name, e.g. Thunderbird_profile_backup_2022-06-28.zip.
  4. Click Save.

Already done! You now have a backup copy of your Thunderbird profile.

Creating a backup of large profiles

If your profile folder is larger than 2 GB, you need to use your file manager and create a backup copy of your profile folder yourself.

  1. To find your profile folder, you can use the Open profile folder link in the first step of the Export tool. You will see the contents of your profile folder in your file manager. The profile folder has a name like abc12defg.default-release.
  2. Select and copy the entire content of your profile folder.
  3. Create an empty folder where you want to keep your backup, e.g. on a USB flash drive. You can choose a helpful folder name like Thunderbird_profile_backup_2022-06-28.
  4. Paste the contents of your profile folder into your empty target folder.

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