Surf and watch videos on Firefox for Fire TV

Firefox makes it easy to discover and watch videos on our Fire TV in cinematic mode without distracting tabs and navigation buttons. Your Home screen organizes different websites that contain videos into “channels” like a TV so that you can surf for these videos by topic. There's also a channel for your pinned sites.

About channels

Channels are top Alexa sites that contain primarily audio or video. Clicking on a channel will take you directly to the video list or live streaming page for that site. This feature is available in the U.S. in English at this time, but will be available in other countries and languages in the future.


Firefox includes websites that meet the following criteria:

  • Site is in Alexa's top 1,000.
  • Site contains primarily audio or video.
  • Site does not contain adult or explicit content (it must not be in the Alexa list of adult sites, contain adult content domains or use explicit or adult advertising).
  • Video or audio streams on the site must be compatible with Firefox.
  • Some sites with existing apps may not be included except for some video sharing sites.


Firefox offers currently offers content in the following categories:

  • News and politics
  • Music
  • Sports and health

Change channels

To visit the Home screen, press the menu button (need screenshot) on your Fire TV remote.

Using the directional keypad on your Fire TV remote, press up or down Firefox for Fire TV remote up/down arrows to scroll to the channel you want.

Watch or view content within a channel

Using the directional keypad on your Fire TV remote, click left or right Firefox for Fire TV remote arrows until you reach a tile that you want to view. A ring will appear around your selected tile. (Tip: Hold down on the left or right key to scroll faster.)

Click on the tile where you want to launch the website or video in cinematic mode. To return to your channels, click the menu button (need screenshot) on your Fire TV remote.

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