How to silently install/uninstall Firefox for Enterprise

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This article is written for Microsoft Windows only.

This article is intended for IT administrators who wish to set up Firefox on the computers within their organization.

You can silently install Firefox for Enterprise using an MSI installer or by using the full installer from the command line.

Silent installation will not open the GUI and instead runs the installation process in the background using all default settings. Some users may prefer silent installation while configuring a new system, for example.

MSI Installer Instructions

Supported on Windows 7 and later, the MSI installer is a wrapper of the exe full installer that allows users to customize their installation preferences with an MST file prior to deployment. Using an external MSI editor like Orca, you can change the values for a property in your MSI file to enable the silent option for installation. To learn how, read the MSIEXEC options section of this support article. Silent installation is enabled by using the /S option.

Full Installer – Command Line Option Instructions

Using the full installer from the command line will implicitly enable silent mode. To learn more, see the /S option in this command-line options document about full installer configurations. Silent installation is enabled by the /S option.

How to Uninstall Silently

To uninstall Firefox for Enterprise silently, you have to uninstall from the command line. To do so, run <install directory>\uninstall\helper.exe with the command line parameter /S.

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