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Note: This article describes the Content panel in Firefox Settings for Firefox version 55 and below. Settings panels have been reorganized in current Firefox versions.

The Content panel in Firefox Settings includes settings related to how a website's content is displayed. This article explains what settings are available.

Content Settings

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DRM Content

DRM Content

DRM Content


Firefox lets you choose which websites are allowed to send you notifications. To learn more, see the article Web Push notifications in Firefox. Click Choose… to make changes to the list of allowed sites.

  • Do not disturb me: Select this optionpreference to temporarily suspend all notifications until you close and restart Firefox. This setting is not available on some operating systems.
  • Do not disturb me: Select this option to temporarily suspend all notifications until you close and restart Firefox.


  • Block Pop-up Windows: By default, Firefox blocks annoying pop-up windows on websites. Unchecking this optionpreference will disable pop-up blocking.
    Some websites make legitimate use of pop-up windows. Therefore, you can allow these sites to open pop-ups anyway. To do so, click Exceptions…, enter the site name, and click Allow. To remove a website from the list, select it and then click Remove Site. To clear the list completely, click Remove All Sites. For more information, see the Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting article.

Fonts & Colors

Default font and Size: Web pages are usually displayed in the font and size specified here (measured in pixels). Use the drop-down menus to choose your preferred font and font size; however, web pages can override these choices unless you specify otherwise in the Fonts dialog. Click the Advanced… button to access the Fonts dialog and to change this and other fonts optionspreferences.

The Colors button opens a dialog that allows you to change webpage text and background colors, as well as link colors.

For more information about settings for fonts and colors, see Change the fonts and colors websites use.


Some web pages are offered in more than one language. Click the Choose… button to specify your preferred language or languages.

Languages Dialog: To add a language, click Select a language to add…, choose the language, and click the Add button. Remove a language by selecting it in the list of active languages and clicking the Remove button. You can also reorder languages using the Move Up and Move Down buttons to determine the most preferred one in case a page is provided in multiple languages.

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