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Revision Status S Editor R Comment
Unreviewed   Ben Bonacci Update Linux screenshots with Supernova release
Unreviewed   Roland Tanglao clarify permanent versus temporary
Current M Tonnes fix for position
Approved M Tonnes e-mail -> email
Unreviewed   Tonnes add linux screenshots, content for->from, slight rewordings
Approved M Lan Update for TB 45 (changed menu)
Approved M Michael Buluma changing web sites to a single word.
Approved M Tonnes remove optionspreferences TB period now included in template
Approved M Lan Even more changes :)
Unreviewed   Lan More edits
Unreviewed   Lan Some improvements
Approved M Tonnes button -> menu markup
Approved M Tonnes nits
Unreviewed   Tonnes Change | to > for menu instructions, markup nits
Unreviewed   Tonnes Privacy tab -> Privacy panel
Approved   user917725 removed Template:ShareArticle
Approved M Tonnes remove hard returns in text (please never use those), fix line 37/23 font issue, move 'tab' out of 'Privacy tab'
Approved M Roland Tanglao remove un-necessary headings
Approved MT Roland Tanglao added per message remote content blocking options screenshot
Unreviewed   Roland Tanglao change e-mail to email, reorder sections
Unreviewed   Swarnava Sengupta added share template
Unreviewed   Matt some spelling and typographical nits
Unreviewed   mkmelin Created the page. This page is linked from the Thunberbird31+ Options Privacy tab

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