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Current M AliceWyman fixed capitalization error for "Secure website certificate" (bug 1867499)
Approved   BD minor changes
Approved   Chris Ilias removed keywords
Approved   AliceWyman updated link to renamed article
Approved   AliceWyman updated link to renamed article
Approved M AliceWyman removed video (T:resetsteps changed - see discussion)
Approved M AliceWyman Refresh warning edits due to renamed article
Approved M Julie Added a table of contents, added a video tutorial.
Approved   k_alex punctuation(Commas), grammar, and readability
Approved   mayak721 I added and deleted commas as I believe were needed
Unreviewed   PGGWriter Small comma changes
Approved M Joni added note about open tabs
Approved   Stephen Change the Information block to a Warning block. It's very easy to miss any potential data loss due to a Firefox Reset.
Approved M AliceWyman mentioned Safe Mode, other edits
Approved M Rashid Edited for clarity
Approved   AliceWyman removed now empty template
Approved M TyDraniu Drop pre-fx57
Approved M AliceWyman add-ons warning {for not fx67}, reworded.
Approved M Joni added link to add-osn article
Approved M Tonnes mention _chrome_ subfolder, not Chrome
Approved M AliceWyman edit to last revision ("User styles" was mentioned in bug 1478117)
Approved M Underpass defining "user styles"
Approved M AliceWyman (edit to last revision) "about:config configurations" linkified
Approved M Joni added accessibility note
Approved   Wesley Branton Formatting consistency fix
Approved M AliceWyman These items and settings will be removed: updates for fx56-57, purged pre-fx52 content
Approved M AliceWyman What does the refresh feature do? plugins {for not fx53}
Approved M AliceWyman Removed download history from list of removed items since it's now stored in places.sqlite and saved.
Approved   Wesley Branton [Minor] Added download history to the list of preserved data
Approved M AliceWyman Intro note: linkified Extensions
Approved   Joni added experimental afterword
Approved M pollti removed tab groups for 45+
Approved M Joni added templte
Approved M AliceWyman updated links based on new or renamed articles
Approved M Underpass template at the start also have {warning}{/warning} resulting in a oversized box
Approved M Joni added template, removed < 35 versions and unlinked to permissions manager
Reviewed M Khandoker Toufiq Amin Rumi need update
Reviewed M Svetlana added the "The reset message" section
Approved M AliceWyman "security settings" changed back to "security certificate and device settings" - see revision 49028 created Oct 29, 2013 (bug 1184021)
Approved M Artist added syntax reset/refresh
Approved   AliceWyman tune-up, repair added as keywords since the shortened search summary removed them
Approved   novica Rewrite search summary to less than 140 characters.
Approved   Artist added syntax (Note)
Approved M John99 additionl note about extensions, and made sub heading see discussion
Approved M Joni removed TOC while bug is being fixed
Approved   pollti deleted {/for}
Approved M AliceWyman Mentioned that plugins are not removed - see discussion
Approved   AliceWyman removed keywords (reverted my last edit)
Approved   AliceWyman added keywords since a search on Reset Firefox comes up empty.
Approved M AliceWyman updated search summary
Approved M vesper with Fx 35 live, updating according to https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/reset-firefox-easily-fix-most-problems/discuss/5794
Approved M AliceWyman edit to section on what is removed, to include "website permissions" (linkified), modified preferences, added search engines; updated links to renamed articles
Approved M AliceWyman Reset -> Refresh in fx35 (edits to last revision)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman Reset -> Refresh in FX35. DO NOT APPROVE until "Template:resetsteps" is updated for fx35!
Reviewed M Swarnava Sengupta Added fx 35 support! ToDO: Need change article title
Reviewed M Sayantan change regarding not responding...Uninstall your addons. they might be responsible for this not responding problem..use important addons like heartbleed checker,ghostery findings and all..excess addons gives pressure to the browser and sometimes it shows
Approved   AliceWyman edit based on last pending revision, removed ShareArticle template
Unreviewed   scootergrisen #w_adding-search-engines does not exists
Approved M Michael Verdi News summary, simplified, moved reset steps up, condensed lists of reset items
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi WIP - Don't approve, removed content for fx16 and lower, reworded "firefox services" to "social features", put steps above "what does the reset feature do" section
Approved M Michael Verdi Updated for Fx 25 - Windows and tabs are now saved
Reviewed M žełvik remove redundant repetition
Reviewed M Aleksej added that custom files in the profile will not be copied to the new profile, with examples (only for fx23)
Approved M Michael Verdi Facebook and services are removed in a reset, Personal dictionary is saved in Fx23
Approved   David Tenser Attempt at clarifying the distinction between what's kept and what's reset by labeling the two lists more clearly on their own lines. Feel free to discard if you don't think this is better. :)
Approved M porubka Paragraph How do I reset Firefox to its default state? replaced with [[T:resetsteps]]
Approved   Tonnes logged into -> logged in to
Reviewed   ideato RENAME "in the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page" TO "inside the Reset Firefox to its default state frame"
Approved   scoobidiver fixed links, added keywords
Approved M Michael Verdi accidentaly removed the word "either" from the warning
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Added info about profile placed on desktop for Fx 15, changed line into to what is not saved into a warning based on article comments
Approved   Matt_G Content tuning: Keywords and
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added the Share this article template
Reviewed   Gordon.Hay try this before using reset
Approved M Michael Verdi updated "apply to version" template
Approved M Michael Verdi re-written for the reset firefox feature
Unreviewed   scoobidiver add-on sync
Approved M scoobidiver Removed note about video if no video, replaced awful wiki syntax, .com replaced by .org/firefox, added keywords
Approved   Michael Verdi Commented out "video goes here" notes so this can be approved
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi broke instructions out into different OSs, added link to basic troubleshooting, added note about windows media plugin and reinstalling addons, note about 64-bit windows
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Added easy video for windows
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Reworded note about malware to include other software
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi made the malware note windows only
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi added note about malware
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Added intro and summary
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi simplified and finalized the steps for each version of the proceedure.
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi rearranged steps - easier to do the clean install before creating a new profile
Unreviewed   Michael Verdi Rough outline

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