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Current M Mark Heijl updated template title, did not work
Unreviewed   Wayne Mery Don't approve this yet, it is a draft. ADD warning about absolute paths.
Approved MT Wayne Mery redo summary, and remove "What is a profile?" as redundant; remove Profile Location Summary which average user does not need; rename How to find your profile to How do I find my profile? and change contents to T:OpenProfileFolderTB which has been update
Approved M Matt inserted /profiles/ into the profile location on Linux.
Approved M atErik folder/names which has 'space' char needs to be wrapped within double-quote, or space need to be escaped with a backslash
Approved M Underpass In Linux, profiles are contained in folder named .thunderbird
Approved MT Wayne Mery reorder one step
Unreviewed   Chris Ilias removed Firefox-specific media
Unreviewed   Wayne Mery added "Finding your profile without opening Thunderbird" - the video needs to be replaced
Approved M Tonnes win, 52: Show Folder > Open Folder
Approved M TyDraniu I don't think there's bookmarksbackup folder in Thunderbird
Approved M jscher2000 - Support Volunteer Path is incorrect in the backup section for Windows
Approved M Tonnes add win10 showfor
Approved M Roland Tanglao nit: fix link to Using Multiple Profiles
Unreviewed   Roland Tanglao more nits: change help group to Help menu
Unreviewed   Roland Tanglao add a space and a period i.e. minor nits :-)
Unreviewed   Roland Tanglao more minor changes to add windows 8
Unreviewed   Roland Tanglao fix how to find your profile section aka slight tweaks to duggabe's great work, thanks duggabe
Unreviewed   duggabe instructions on finding your profile
Unreviewed   Lan Windows XP images
Unreviewed   Jarmo Removed Win95 instructions, added for-clauses
Approved M Giulio Tripi Removed the Thunderbird 5 paragraph and the ShareArticle Template.
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added share template
Approved MT Thunderbird Migration Imported from SUMOMO 2014-02-14 09:44:44

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