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Pocket Pocket Last updated: 01/31/2024

What is Pocket Hits?

Pocket Hits is our curated newsletter highlighting the best stories from across the web. Using signals from Pocket readers, our editors handpick the most popular, interesting, and insightful articles and deliver them to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

Pocket Hits

Example of a Pocket Hits email

How can I subscribe to Pocket Hits?

When you sign up for Pocket, you’ll automatically be subscribed to Pocket Hits emails. If you don’t yet have a Pocket account, you can sign up here. You can also sign up to receive Pocket Hits without a Pocket account. Sign up to receive Pocket Hits.

How can I unsubscribe from Pocket Hits or change the frequency of delivery?

Pocket Hits can be delivered to you daily or weekly. Or, if you prefer to not receive Pocket Hits, it's easy to unsubscribe. Click "update your preferences" or "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the Pocket Hits email. You'll be taken to a page to update how often you receive Pocket Hits or unsubscribe. Pocket Unsubscribe

How can I save articles from Pocket Hits?

Click the “Save to Pocket” link below any article in Pocket Hits to save the article to your list. A browser tab will open confirming that the article is saved, and you’ll also have an opportunity at this point to add tags. Learn about organizing your list with tags.

You can also click the headline or image of any article to open it in your browser and save it to your Pocket from there. Learn about other ways to save to Pocket.

Some Pocket Hits emails appear as sponsored, or contain sponsored articles. Can I opt-out?

From time to time, you may see sponsored articles or emails from Pocket. These are important for Pocket’s continued growth and success. If you would rather not see sponsored posts in Pocket, Pocket Premium is an excellent option for you. In addition to delivering an ad-free experience, it includes several additional features such as unlimited text highlighting, full-text search, and more powerful functionality. Learn all about Pocket Premium.

Can I receive Pocket Hits in a language other than English?

We only offer Pocket Hits in English at this time, but we might offer Pocket Hits in additional languages in the future.

What email address does Pocket use to send Pocket Hits emails?

Pocket uses team@today.getpocket.com to send our Pocket Hits email.

Troubleshooting Questions

I have to log in to my Pocket account each time I save from Pocket Hits in Safari on iOS. How can I prevent this?

Pocket uses browser cookies to keep you logged in so you can save articles from Pocket Hits directly to your list. If you are asked to log in each time you try to save an article, it’s possible that you’re using private browsing or incognito mode in your browser where cookies are not saved. This prevents the browser from remembering your Pocket account, so you must remind it each time. Fortunately, this is easy to fix. You can simply disable the private browsing mode. Click here to learn how to turn off private browsing in Safari.

I am subscribed to Pocket Hits but have not received them in my inbox. What’s going on?

There's a few reasons why you might not be receiving Pocket Hits:

  • Pocket Hits emails might be landing in your junk or spam folder. Please check your junk or spam folder to make sure they weren’t filtered by accident.
  • Add "team@today.getpocket.com" to your address book to prevent the emails from filtering to spam or junk.
  • Additionally, you may need to add "team@today.getpocket.com" to your email service's safe senders list. Check your email provider's help center for information about adding Pocket Hits to your safe senders list.

If you still can’t find them, please contact Pocket Support and we’ll be glad to help.

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