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Pocket Pocket Last updated: 01/26/2024

In Pocket’s listing in the iOS App Store, the “data linked to you” section outlines areas of Pocket where your personal data may be used. Continue reading to learn more about how Pocket uses personal data.

Contact Information

This includes your name and email address, which are entered when you create a Pocket account. Click here to learn more about your signup options when you create a Pocket account, including Single Sign-On (SSO) options such as Sign in with Apple.


Pocket offers the option to follow friends and view the recommendations they share. If you choose to use this feature, you will be given an option to connect your contacts to Pocket to find friends to follow. If you wish to find your friends on Pocket using your contacts, your contact information will never leave the device or be stored on Pocket’s servers. This feature is optional, so Pocket can only access contacts if you permit. If you enable the contacts permission and wish to revoke it, here’s how to remove access to your contacts:

  1. On your iOS device, open the Settings app.
  2. In your apps list, locate Pocket.
  3. Look for the contacts permission and toggle the switch off.

User Content

Click here to learn about how Pocket may use your information to provide our service to you.

Search History and Usage Data

Pocket’s analytics include search and app usage details, which helps developers understand and improve app performance and prioritize the development of new features. Additionally, Pocket Premium users will see a set of their most recent search queries when using the search feature. Click here to learn more about the data that Pocket collects to provide our service.


Pocket uses diagnostic data, such as crash reports, to improve our application and resolve issues such as crashes, errors and other bugs.


User ID and Device ID

Pocket may collect your user ID to identify your account, such as for customer support. We also use a device identifier to understand app installations.

Other Information


Pocket can save links copied to your clipboard when you open the app. Pocket can only save URLs, and does not save or transmit data aside from URLs that you choose to save. On iOS 14 and higher, you will be asked whether or not you want to allow Pocket to read URLs on your clipboard before it does so. Click here to learn more about saving to Pocket via the clipboard.

Privacy Policy and Support

Pocket values your privacy. For additional information about how Pocket respects your privacy, click here to review our privacy policy.

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