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Can I contact you for assistance with my API project?

We sadly are not able to assist with questions for API projects. We encourage you to post your developer project questions in forums such as StackOverflow or Github.

How do I report a bug with the Pocket API?

Bug reports can be sent to api at getpocket dot com. Please note that the Pocket developers nor Pocket Support are available to assist with projects so we encourage you to review documentation in the developer page. We appreciate any feedback sent to the API inbox.

What are the current API Rate Limits?

Learn more about about the Pocket API rate limits and how to become whitelisted.

Can I use the Pocket API in a commercial application?

Yes, you can use Pocket's API in both free and paid applications.

Can I add my app to a Pocket App Directory?

We are not actively maintaining a directory of apps using Pocket APIs.

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