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Mozilla has launched, a publicly accessible instance in the Fediverse on Mastodon. is currently available to a small closed beta group as we experiment, gain input from participants, learn, and improve the experience. You can request to join our waitlist. Eventually, we hope to build a safe, well-organized space within Mastodon that is open to all audiences.

You can learn more about why we are joining the community on our blog. If you’ve been invited to the beta, check out some frequently asked questions below.

What is the Fediverse? What is Mastodon?

The Fediverse is a network of independent online community platforms that share a common set of technical standards. This allows these decentralized social networks and communities to standalone but still connect and communicate with users on other platforms.

Mastodon is part of the Fediverse and is a decentralized social media platform, meaning there's no one big company controlling it. Users can create profiles, post updates, and join communities based on their interests. It's popular among people who want more privacy and community control over their social media experience.

How can I apply to be in the private beta?

The private beta group is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist.

How do I access if I’m included in the private beta?

If you’ve been invited to the private beta, you can access through Mastodon at You are required to sign in using your Mozilla account. Learn more about creating and managing your Mozilla account.

Should I use my Mozilla account to log in to

Yes, it’s required to use your Mozilla account credentials to access

What if I have an existing account on a different Mastodon server, but I want to join instead?

If you have an existing account on a different Mastodon server, you can migrate your account to Learn more about how to complete the migration process.

Is my username different from my Mozilla account?

Yes, your username and your Mozilla account login are separate. Your username will be publicly visible, while you’ll use your Mozilla account to log in to Your Mozilla account and email aren’t publicly visible.

You can select any available username and this cannot be changed. username selection screen

What platforms is available on?

Mastodon is a web service, compatible in all major browsers. There are also a number of third-party clients available for desktop and mobile.

How can I learn how to use Mastodon features?

Check out our blog post on how to get started on Mastodon. You can also find tips, feature overviews and instructions on and Mastodon Help.

How is content on moderated?

Mozilla has an initial content moderation policy that we’ll be iterating on. You can also review our terms and privacy policy. You’ll be asked to review and agree to these when signing up for

Content moderation on Mastodon is largely managed by the individual instance, in this case, Mozilla moderates the content on our own instance.

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