List of Pocket service vendors

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Pocket Service Vendors

Pocket uses the following service vendors to help us provide our services to you. For more information on our data sharing practices, please see our Privacy Policy.

  • Braze: Email and Notification Services
  • Verint: Social Media Engagement
  • Dropbox: File Storage
  • Google GSuite: File Storage
  • Google Sign-In: Log into Pocket with your Google account
  • Google reCaptcha: Site Security
  • Kevel: Sponsored Content Delivery
  • NiceReply: Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Mode Analytics: Data Analysis
  • PartnerHero: Customer Support
  • PinPoint: Email services
  • SendGrid: Email Services
  • Stripe: Payment Processing for Pocket Premium
  • Swiftype: Search Indexing for Pocket Premium
  • Zendesk: Customer Support

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