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Current M Ashkan B Just cleaned it up a little bit grammatically.
Unreviewed   Ashkan B Just cleaned it up a little bit.
Approved M Roland Tanglao message list columns moving is not fully working on macOS
Approved M Roland Tanglao developer tools on macOS is Command+Option+I
Approved M Roland Tanglao Changed Message Header Pane to Message List Pane; WIP: needs approval from Wayne
Approved M Roland Tanglao WIP, needs review from Wayne, please do not localize, added drag and drop message header pane columns in table view
Approved M YD Removed blank rows, useless with new CSS
Approved M Mozinet added the Search Bar to the F6 fast focus ring
Approved M philipp remove outdated content about 3rd party addons
Approved M Mozinet substituted problematic HTML entities with the corresponding Unicode characters (see discussion)
Approved M thomas8 Improve description of F6 fast focus ring for the mail tab wrt searchability.
Approved M thomas8 Update Calendar shortcuts for TB 102
Approved M thomas8 Change title to be more descriptive (like FF) and explicitly include Thunderbird (also in the slug)
Approved MT thomas8 Update section title and related links from Lightning to Calendar
Approved M chdlr Keyboard navigation of calendar tab intervals
Approved M thomas8 Add Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+I shortcut for Developer Tools
Approved M rhnvrm On linux, Move to Again is Ctrl+Shit+M
Approved M Tacsipacsi key config extensions currently gone for TB68 :(
Approved M Chris Ilias update addons.mozilla.org links to thunderbird.net
Approved M Chris Ilias s/MacOS/macOS, remove "Find and Replace" shortcut for mac
Unreviewed   Lan Removed more old content
Unreviewed   Lan Removed <tb24 content, a bit reworded intro, removed Floss link, other small edits
Approved M Onno Ekker Added new keys for attachment pane for TB60
Approved M Chris Ilias removed links to Message Tabs
Approved M Tonnes fix font size keys (see bug 1414205), move down paragraph info, force dark header backgrounds
Unreviewed   Onno Ekker Changed word order to prevent mistakes in reading description as two separate lines, each starting with a key
Approved M Onno Ekker Inserted keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter to insert line break for editing messages keyboard shortcuts
Approved M Tonnes Update Floss manual link
Approved M Wayne Mery change Insert link to ctrl+K for version 52
Approved M Chris Ilias removed link to "Keyboard Shortcuts for Searching" https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/forums/knowledge-base-articles/712230
Approved M Lan Link to the tags article
Approved M Elhem Enohpi Correction, Menu Wizard's adware is "opt-in", and disabled by default.
Unreviewed   Elhem Enohpi Updated info about shortcut customization addons, to help address Bug 615957
Approved M Tonnes fix next/previous links in previous edit, addon -> add-on, for tb38 condition for Calendar note, nits
Approved M Wayne Mery add shortcut for "Clear History" and Miscellaneous sectoin
Approved M Tonnes fix tb31 {for}s intended for 3.1, shorten TOC, small wording changes (see Discussion). New font size keys for 24+ need verification
Unreviewed   FilipusKlutiero there is a button to archive messages directly by default
Approved M user669794 removed share article
Approved M pollti Deleted link, that doesn't work in SUMO
Unreviewed   ideato _TOC_ for better/quicker view
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta added share template
Approved MT Thunderbird Migration Imported from SUMOMO 2014-02-14 09:44:44

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