Keyboard shortcuts in Pocket for Web

Click the ? or / key to see the list of keyboard shortcuts in the Pocket website. Here are the available shortcuts in Pocket for Web:

Keyboard Shortcuts when viewing your list:
Go to Saves g then l
Go to Archive g then a
Go to Favorites g then f
Go to Articles g then r
Go to Highlights g then h
Go to Videos g then v
Go to All Tags g then t
Go to Search g then s
Bulk Edit g then b
Save a URL g then u
Sort by Newest s then n
Sort by Oldest s then o
List View v then l
Grid View v then g
Detail View v then d
Change to Light Theme c then l
Change to Dark Theme c then d
Change to Sepia Theme c then s
Open Help Overlay  ? or /
Item Actions:
Open Original in New Tab o
Archive Selected Item a
Favorited Selected Item f
Tag Selected Item t
Delete Selected Item d
Select Item in Bulk Edit x
Select Next Item j
Select Previous Item k
Item Actions in Article View:
Increase/Decrease Font Size Cmd/Ctrl +/-
Go Back to Saves b
Delete Item d
Edit Tags t
Archive Item a
Favorite Item f
View Original o
Increase/Decrease Column Width (Premium) Alt/Option =/-

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