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Pocket for Mac Support
As of July 2023, Pocket for Mac is no longer supported and may not work as expected. However, if you previously downloaded Pocket for Mac, you can reinstall it from the App Store.

Pocket for iOS on Apple Silicon

Pocket for iOS has been ported to macOS for Macs running Apple Silicon. To learn more about Apple Silicon Macs and install Pocket for iOS on your eligible device, please visit this link. Pocket for Mac app window

Setup and Installation

Downloading Pocket on Your Mac
As of July 2023, Pocket for Mac is no longer available for installation. If you had previously downloaded Pocket for Mac, you can reinstall it from the App Store.

System Requirements

Pocket for Mac requires macOS El Capitan (10.11) and later.

The Toolbar, Menu, and Actions

Pocket for Mac menu

The toolbar at the top of the window includes the following components:

Pocket Menu

  • My List: Items saved to Pocket appear in your List, sorted from newest to oldest by default, but you can change the order in Preferences.
  • Favorites: You can mark important items as Favorites. The Favorites list includes items from both your List and Archive, accessible when online.
  • Archive: The Archive is where you can store items you've already viewed but may want to revisit in the future, accessible when online.

Content Filter
There are three ways to filter your List: Articles, Videos, and Images. Each option displays that specific type of content and hides the others.

Item Actions

  • Back: Go back one page or close the selected item.
  • Archive: Archive the selected item.
  • Favorite: Mark/unmark the selected item as a Favorite.
  • Article View/Web View Toggle: Switch between Article and Web View.
  • Text Options: Customize font style, size, and reading theme.
  • Tag: Add Tags to the selected item.
  • Share: Share to social media, Evernote, Buffer, Mail, and more.

Searching in Pocket

Pocket for Mac Search

Searching Titles and URLs

When searching in Pocket, you can find items in your list by Title and URL. To use Search in Pocket for Mac:

  1. Open Pocket for Mac.
  2. Locate the search bar below your List (at the bottom left corner).
  3. Type your search and press Enter.

Searching Your List by Tag

To focus on items with a specific Tag, use the Tag Filter:

  1. Click the Tag button on the bottom left side of the Pocket for Mac toolbar.
  2. Select the Tag you wish to view, and your List will update to show only items with this Tag.
  3. Enter a search in your search bar to find items within this filtered list.

In the Tag Filter, you can select All Untagged Items to view items that haven't been tagged yet and search within this list.


Pocket for Mac offers various preferences you can configure:


  • Your Pocket email address is listed here. To log out of Pocket for Mac, click Log Out. You can also update your account information by clicking Edit Account.


  • Choose between Article View or Web View for item viewing. By default, Pocket selects the best view to open. Uncheck Open Best View if you want to decide the view manually.

Offline Downloading

  • Pocket will decide the best view to download by default. If you want to specify whether to download Article View, Web View, or both, uncheck Download Best View.


  • Choose to refresh when Pocket for Mac is opened or manually. Also, customize how your List is sorted and whether you'd like to see a badge on the Pocket app icon indicating the number of items in your List.


  • Log out of Evernote and Buffer in this section.

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