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Thank you for trying out Firefox Focus for Android. Here are some known issues that we are working hard to improve, so stick with us and more good stuff will come your way.

How do I take screenshots?

Screenshots are currently not available in Firefox Focus, but most Android users can take a screenshot by pressing the device's power button and the volume "-" button .

Why can't I watch videos full screen on some sites?

Videos on some sites won't go full screen on Firefox Focus for Android, but we've fixed this problem on Vimeo. This is a known issue that we are working hard to resolve. Hang tight!

I don't see any dialog windows

You are using an early version of Firefox Focus (thanks for helping us improve it!) which doesn't yet support dialog windows like permission popups. We are working out a solution to this, so stay tuned.

Are the trackers blocked per site or throughout my session?

The Trackers blocked indicator in the Firefox Focus menu tells you how many are blocked on that particular website.

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