How is Firefox Enterprise different from normal Firefox?

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This article is intended for IT administrators who wish to set up Firefox on the computers within their organization.

Firefox Enterprise includes several software solutions made by Mozilla for specific Enterprise needs. Together, these software solutions make up Firefox Enterprise.

The Firefox browser

You can select the Firefox Rapid Release channel (the version most consumers use) or the Firefox Extended Support Release channel (longer support cycles) depending on your needs. This article will help you understand how to select the channel that best matches your needs.

The MSI installer

We created a MSI wrapper of the full installer exe in order to simplify deployments for active directory users in need of a Mozilla signed MSI. Find-out more about the MSI installer here.

ADM and AMDX templates

We created a ADM/ADMX templates (Windows group policy template) with standard best practices in order to illustrate how group policies can be used on Windows. Find-out more about the use of ADM/ADMX templates here.

The “Open in IE” extension

Some corporations still use ActiveX technologies or websites that are only tested against IE. This extension helps you determine which URLs should be opened in IE automatically by your users. Find-out more details about the “Open in IE” extension here.

MacOS plist file

We created a plist template (MacOS policy management template) with standard best practices in order to illustrate how policies can be managed on MacOS. Find-out more about the use of plist templates here.

Configuration JSON file “policies.json”

Even though we support GPO on Windows and plist on MacOS, you can still use a configuration file if it suits your needs (Linux machines?). Find-out more here about how you can deploy customizations using policies.json.

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