Firefox for Enterprise 97 - Release notes

See what's coming out with Firefox for Enterprise 97.

Except where noted, everything here applies to both Firefox 97 and the Firefox 91.6 ESR.

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Bug Fixes

  • The version of PDFjs used in the Firefox ESR has been updated to the latest version. This fixed a number of issues related to selection and clipboard actions.
  • When an update to the Firefox ESR fails, the door hanger now properly links to the Firefox ESR download. This was fixed in bug 1592731.
  • When presented with multiple authentication headers, Firefox now properly prioritizes them from most secure to least secure. This was fixed in bug 650091. Unfortunately, the fix was too involved to backport to the current Firefox ESR.
  • About pages that were blocked via policy could be accessed by changing the URL of the page to mixed case. This was fixed in bug 1750221.
  • In Firefox 96, a fix caused a regression where JSON policies could not be of the REG_SZ type in the Windows registry. This was fixed in bug 1750233.
  • The TLS override UI has been removed from the certificate error page. The preferences are still there but will be removed soon. This was done in bug 1745678.


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